Make Homemade Wax Hair Removal


Hair shaving is typically considered as one of the quickest ways that can be used to nix body hair. But, this process can be facilitated if you make homemade wax hair removal. This product is typically made using the following steps. This first step involves combining two cups of sugar with a quarter cups of lemon juice and a similar amount of water in a saucepan. The second step consists in putting the pan on the heating apparatus and then settle the temperature slightly above medium.
Afterward, stir the mixture constantly as it continues to melt and at the same time developing a syrup-like consistency. Wait until it turns golden brown. After achieving this color insert a tip of a candy thermometer into the mixture. The main aim of dipping the thermometer is to test whether the ideal temperature has been completed. Once the perfect temperature has been reached, remove it from the heat, pour it into an open container and then allow it to cool for some time before its ready to use.
Once the wax is ready to apply it gently on your skin using a stick. When applying the wax make sure you follow the direction of hair growth. The waxed area should then be covered with a thin cloth and then pressed done to ensure that it sticks on your skin. This piece of material should then be removed after some time.During the removal process you will see some hair sticking on the piece of cloth. This process should be repeated until wax thoroughly covers the desired area